I was born in Thailand and grew up in Hong Kong. I currently live in Scotland where I love the wild natural landscapes. I live in a small cottage with my husband and my collection of animals.

In 2009 I first walked the West Highland Way photographing my grandmother's golden turtle. My husband then wrote a story to go with the photographs and our story 'The Turtle who Walked the Way' was displayed in the Balmaha National Park visitor centre. Since then I have taken lots of animals on trips all across Scotland, photographing and then creating stories for them. So, one day, you might see me out in the hills or on a beach, with an alligator, sealion or penguin.

The animals have been bought over the years from various shops on my travels. The blue rabbit was always on display in my grandparent's house near London before he came to live with me. Like the golden turtle, who was always on display in my grandma's house in Glasgow. The handmade carved elephant was brought back from Thailand as a present from my mother. The pig, sea lion, penguin and alligator all came from The Jolly Roger shop in Devon. The old man in the pig story was ordered from Mimideluz, the dollmaker, on Etsy.